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The responsible choice is at hand

Lessebo Bruk offers a complete line-up of premium white and coloured papers. The range of formats, weights, colours, shades and surfaces offers unlimited possibilities to enhance your message. Scandia 2000, Lessebo Design and the coloured Kaskad/Colorit range rank among the top premium papers in Europe – both when it comes to quality and from an environmental perspective.

Highlight your green credentials with climate-smart design papers

Your choice of paper is more important for the environment than you might think. A premium paper from Lessebo Bruk leaves only one-fifth of the carbon footprint of that of a standard paper – and often the difference is even greater than that. Just imagine the reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions that can be achieved in one year.

Responsibility is a key factor in every action and decision we take. We all take “corporate responsibility” for the planet, our children, our customers and the future. We choose to call it “Responsibility – on paper”.

Please contact our distributors if you want to know what a change of paper would mean for your company’s graphic identity and your environmental profile. You can read more about Lessebo Bruk’s various brands here→


 Need help in choosing paper? Just ask Antalis!

Antalis will be glad to help all that are involved in the paper choice with inspiration, information and advice. Whether you work in printing, advertising, publishing, marketing or designing. The sooner you involve us in the decision, the better the final result.


Antalis skills to help you:

- Salesmen: Your adviser for the right product selection and good deals.

- Back sellers: Provides advice and inspiration for designers and print buyers.

- Graphical technicians: Your help in troubleshooting and advice before problems arise.

- Environmental expert: Provides knowledge and advice about environmental aspects of all products.

- Dummies and samples: A4 samples and unprinted brochures to help you sell in your ideas.

- Logistics specialist: Provides advice on how to utilize our new logistics services to your benefit.


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Annual net growth of our swedish forests
Number of trees replanted for each one felled
Homes supplied with district heating by Lessebo Mill
Ranks among the most climate-friendly when it comes to carbon emissions.